Monday, July 13, 2009

Among Us.

This past Saturday, at Cross Point Community, we had what we call "Serving Saturday." A chance for us to say "thanks" to the surrounding community by serving their needs, whatever they may be. Over 450 people showed up to help. An amazing day where God's love was shown to many many people.

As I looked around at everyone helping, I couldn't help but wonder what their own personal needs were. I was recently reminded that the person serving next to you might just be in need of a blessing themselves...

As I opened the storage building in Louisville, KY, I was floored. It was full. We loaded up every item in the building into the U-Haul and drove back to Nashville.

As I opened up the apartment door in Nashville, I was floored. It was empty. She had been sleeping on the carpet with a pillow and blanket... for 6 months.

She had showed up for every community group meeting and shared many things about herself. You would have never guessed that all she basically had was a roof over her head. Couldn't afford to hire movers to bring her stuff to Nashville.

As I watched 12 people from our community group use a Friday night to help unload the U-Haul, I was floored. The girls had started unpacking her dishes and were washing them all and finding a home for them. The guys were busy doing their best interior design impersonation, moving furniture around for the best "look."

This is what Jesus meant by "loving one another." Serving each other's needs by giving them your time and love.

As I left that night, I was floored. I had just experienced a community of believers showing selfless love towards one "among us." Let me never forget to bless those "among us."


  1. so great you all rallied to help her out!!! thank you for being such a great example of church done right!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I definitely needed to read it today!