Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Genuine Passion

Yesterday, I went to Whole Foods to do some reading. As I was just getting settled in my book, I noticed a young guy sitting across from me. He was staring at everyone in the room with an inquisitive look on his face. I shrugged it off and continued reading and then the phone conversations started.

"I've got to tell you about this thing that has completely changed my life," he said quite loudly. "This has been such a blessing to me and I can't wait to share it with everyone. It makes me feel so good that I can help people completely change their life." At this point, he had my interest. Was I about to hear someone's testimony right there in Whole Foods?

He went on to explain how amazing this life change has been and that if they are ready he will reveal to them what the secret is. Apparently the person on the other end of the phone wasn't quite ready so instead he made a lunch appointment with the person for later in the week.

I noticed that he had a jug full of water with him. The only other person I have seen carrying a milk jug full of water was body builders. "Mark, hey it's Brian. It's been a long time! How ya been?" He started his next conversation. This went on for quite sometime until he found someone who wanted to know the secret right then and there over the phone.

"If you are really ready to hear it, I will tell you the secret. You just stop me when you have to go, cause I can talk about this all day long. Are you ready? You sure? Ok... it's.... water. Yep. Water." He went on to explain that drinking this water has healed him and has given him this unexplainable joy. There's this machine that he bought that converts regular water into this new water that heals all kinds of disabilities. He says it's on the cutting edge and that soon it will spread like wildfire.

At this point I realized that this is probably a pyramid scheme and laughed to myself. I was pretty sure that once you tried out the miracle water and felt better that the next step was to purchase the expensive machine and then go and try to sell others the machine and the person who sold to you gets a percentage of all the machines you sell, etc.

Then it hit me. This person believed in his product. He couldn't wait to tell people. He took the product with him wherever he went. I'm sure he faced some apprehension about telling someone that "water" will heal their pain and give them joy, but he did it anyway. He called his product his "blessing."

Now, I am not advocating we treat the saving grace of Jesus as a product. I realize that money probably fueled this man's passion about water, but the way he spoke about it broke my heart.

I know unspeakable joy. I know true healing power. I know a love that can't be put into words. And there I sit. Quietly and to myself. Not sharing the blessing that changed my life with anyone.

My "jug of water" goes with me everywhere also. It's up to me if I decide to share it.


  1. Good post, Wes. I'm guilty of this sometimes, too. More often than not I enter a conversation with the intention of sharing something else than wanting to let the joy I've experienced through the righteous, graciousness, and holiness of God shine through.

    Needed the reminder!

  2. I think this has been your best post yet, Wes. Thanks for giving me what I needed to hear today.